The rWATER Hub delivers clean drinkable water, electric power, and internet to cities and villages, on or off-grid. Packaged in mobile containers, powered by solar panels, and connected to the internet via a satellite link, rWATER Hub is designed to provide local power and WiFi-enabled Internet connections in addition to water purification in order to support the growth and development of African communities large and small anywhere on the continent.

Why rWATER Hub?

Manufactured to RippleNami specifications to meet the water purification requirements unique to Sub-Saharan Africa, rWATER Hub incorporates a range of advanced technologies unique to the system, including: 
  • Mobility | rWATER Hub is a cargo container-sized, mobile, self-contained, off-grid, remotely deployable water purification system.  
  • Purification | rWATER Hub system removes organic and inorganic contaminants from water without using chemicals by applying electrification-oxidation technology, treating water through the infusion of electrical currents. Treated water is immediately available for human consumption at system outflow, serving over 1.3 million people per day at normal human water consumption levels. 
  • Reliability | rWATER Hub is safe, simple, easy to use, rugged, reliable, proven, low-maintenance technology.
  • Cost-efficiency | Featuring overall low operating costs, rWATER Hub is reliable, efficient, and simple to maintain. 
  • Solar Power | The rWATER Hub system is solar-powered, supporting off-grid operations when necessary.
  • Satellite Internet Link | Integrated high-bandwidth satellite internet link supports remote traceable, transparent measurements of water flows into and out of the system. 
  • Sustainability | The rWATER Hub uses no chemicals and is an environmentally friendly, sustainable platform.