What is rCAPTURE?

RippleNami’s rCAPTURE is a flexible, intuitive data collection application for mobile and tablet devices, that allows you to utilize consumer devices on an enterprise scale.

The rCAPTURE data collection platform eliminates the need for on-site paperwork or clipboards, and saves you hours of data input once back in the office.

RippleNami can design and implement a fully customized suite of rCAPTURE apps and data visualization tools tailored to your specific business requirements, that can be ready to download and implement in days, not months, to meet rapid deployment needs.

Data can be captured in on-line or off-line mode. Off-line data is synced to the central database with just a click of a button when network access is available.

How does rCAPTURE work?

1. Read the electronic identification number of your assets using the built-in barcode scanner, QR code scanner, or with an integrated RFID reader, or enter the data manually.

2. Using the rCAPTURE mobile application, an unlimited number of users can view and input new information about your assets, even when off-line.

3. Using cellular or WiFi connection, information flows in real-time to RippleNami’s mapping and reporting database, where the geolocation and complete history of the assets can be viewed.

Key Benefits

• Real-time data upload from an unlimited number of users

• Offline data collection (out of service, no Wi-Fi)

• Automatic synchronization of off-line data to a central database with a click of a button, eliminating manual download/upload of files to a computer

• Ensures accurate data capture and eliminates redundancy

• Massively scalable

• Unlimited number of customized reports
GPS-based location information on a map (even offline!)

• Powerful smart logic; with specific events that can trigger automated notifications to targeted users