RippleNami Invited to Help Advance Women in Kenya

RippleNami to Address Supply Chain Management for Women Farmers at Nairobi University

Nairobi, Kenya – April 25, 2018 – RippleNami, Inc., a provider of blockchain data visualization platform, announces its East African Development Director, Joyce Jerotich Yegon, will speak at The School of Business and African Women Studies at Nairobi University located on Kabete Campus on 25 April 2018. Hosted by Professor Bitange Ndemo, this event will address members of the Women Entrepreneurs Training and Incubation Program. Yegon is an influential leader who has been instrumental in championing the most advanced digital Livestock Supply Chain Management solution throughout Kenya.  Yegon will address the challenges women farmer’s face and how RippleNami’s technology platform can convert these historic challenges into a sustained profit center and higher standard of living  for their  families.

Historically, these women farmers suffer from a multitude of market and cultural disadvantages that stem from a lack of land size and ownership tenure; authority on crop selections; market pricing indicators; and accessibility to capital resources necessary to fund and scale operations.

Using RippleNami’s technology, small scale women farmers are empowered to forge partnerships, enterprises, cooperatives and/or farmers associations to leverage greater buying power and lease more land or cultivate their individual land parcels more profitably.

These women can be locally trained on state of the art irrigation techniques and farming technologies, hands-on training during the planting, growing and harvest seasons, around fertilizer, pesticide, and herbicide applications, protection decisions, weed identification, marketing of field crops as well as bookkeeping and crop Insurance. All these aspects will assist in increasing the volume of crops while sustaining supply and improving crop field quality. These combined elements enable buyers to provide the critical contracts for women farmers.

By mapping all the women merchants and their buyers (schools, prisons, hospitals, supermarkets, and processors) they are then empowered to strategically sell to the geographically desirable buyers and at a competitive price.

The ultimate advantage that will drive the greatest value for women in Kenya is that by controlling their land, crops and supply chain through RippleNami’s platform, women farmers become part of their country’s economy and control their future.

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