RippleNami Helps Two East African Enterprise Companies Better Serve Customers

RippleNami, Inc. Delivers Real-time, Actionable Big Data Visualization to Help Two East African Enterprise Companies Better Serve Customers

Nehemiah & Williams and Aero-Pioneer among First Customers to be Supported out of the Company’s New Nairobi Office

NAIROBI, Kenya (March 14, 2016)— RippleNami, Inc., a cloud-based visualization platform, announced today that East Africa-based enterprise companies Nehemiah & Williams and Aero-Pioneer of Africa (APA) are adopting RippleNami’s unique big data mapping solution to optimize customer service, enhance operational efficiency and improve productivity. Both companies will be supported from RippleNami’s new corporate office in Nairobi, Kenya, which opened this month to better meet the needs of innovative businesses, non-governmental organizations and educational institutions in East Africa and the Middle East.

Headquartered in Nairobi, Nehemiah & Williams is a software technology company that specializes in electronic payments and mobile advertising. The company is adopting the RippleNami platform to enable its customers to visualize big data related to utilities and infrastructure, political activities and government programs.

“We began to realize that data mining was the bridge we needed to build between mobile advertising and electronic payments, and RippleNami is helping us do just that,” said Atudo Ayodo, mobile advertising and electronic payments consultant at Nehemiah & Williams. “With RippleNami we will be able to provide our customers a visual representation of detailed information which should reveal patterns they have never noticed. Nehemiah & Williams is walking the talk with RippleNami when it comes to data-driven technology solutions in areas where obtaining data has previously been a challenge.”

Aero-Pioneer of Africa is a leading provider of air logistics and services to NGOs, governments and private corporations in East Africa and neighboring countries. By leveraging RippleNami’s cost-effective, multi-layered data consolidation and visualization technology, APA will be able to better serve its customers by providing them real-time field information and ensuring enhanced accuracy and efficiency of air logistics operations.

“We are excited to see our game-changing platform adopted by innovative companies Nehemiah & Williams and Aero-Pioneer,” stated Phil Gahn, chief business development officer and co-founder of RippleNami. “With virtually limitless applications, RippleNami gives these and other enterprises the opportunity to put the power of big data, sophisticated cloud-based technology and advanced visual representations of vast quantities of information directly into the hands of their clients.”

RippleNami’s new Nairobi office, located in the Rahimtulla Tower on Upper Hill Road, is strategically positioned alongside Abari Communications, the fourth largest telecommunications firm in Kenya and a channel partner of RippleNami. 

“With continued growth in the East African economy and companies’ thirst for advanced technology solutions to combat the unique challenges of doing business in the region, establishing our new presence in Kenya serves as a foundational component of our strategic growth plan,” said Jaye Connolly-LaBelle, president and chief executive officer of RippleNami. “Our new customer relationships in the region demonstrate our continued momentum and confirm our belief that RippleNami has the power to help advance social and civic development.”

About Nehemiah & Williams

Nehemiah & Williams is a software technology company that specializes in software development, electronic payments, mobile advertising and data mining. The company’s mission is to change how organizations engage payment technology to create enterprise value. Their team of experts offers partnerships that work to build high performance software products, technology platforms and development practices by implementing data driven methodologies. With office space in Kenya, the company is able to serve a wide variety of African partners, including Kenya Commercial Bank, Sendy, Africa Inland Mission, Solo Payments, Poa Pay, Safaricom, Comz Africa, Softcall, GH4HUB, Mobikash, etc. For more information about Nehemiah & Williams, visit

About Aero-Pioneer

Aero-Pioneer Group is a leading provider of air logistics and services in East Africa and neighboring countries, providing services to NGOs, governments and private corporations. The company’s own specialized and strategically selected fleet is augmented with fixed wing and rotary aircraft from a portfolio of well-established regional and international airline partners to provide customers fast, cost effective, and reliable cargo solutions for projects of any size. With offices in Uganda, Zanzibar, Kenya, UAE, South Sudan, Somalia, Burundi and the USA, as well as an upcoming office in Central African Republic, Aero-Pioneer Group offers a unique blend of international expertise, regional presence and local know-how. For more information about Aero-Pioneer, visit

About RippleNami

An industry game changer, RippleNami believes that, empowered with real-time, easily-accessible information, people around the world can connect and foster positive change. RippleNami is redefining mapping with the first visualization platform that consolidates big data and provides information that really matters to users and their organizations. The company’s cost-effective, device agnostic cloud-based platform delivers millions of real-time actionable data points on an intuitive map to customers across enterprises, universities, nonprofits and emergency management agencies, enabling critical decision making and enhanced collaboration. With seamless integration, limitless customization and scalable architecture, RippleNami lets people chart their own world, streamlining communication and improving operational effectiveness. For more information about RippleNami, visit