RippleNami® and Golden Faith Foundation Empower Nigerian Human Trafficking Victims With Entrepreneurship Access

Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Victims Unlock Empowerment

San Diego – November 19, 2018 – RippleNami, Inc., a provider of blockchain data visualization technology, announces its partnership with the Golden Faith Foundation (GFF) to enhance humanitarian assistance for victims of human trafficking and other survivors. This critical partnership will focus on integrating RippleNami’s technology platform with GFF’s entrepreneurial development tools. Through GFF’s rehabilitation and reintegration program, this initiative will identify, train and mentor female survivors of trafficking to become entrepreneurs, while simultaneously dealing with their psychological trauma.

“What makes this project unique is its multi-dimensional approach that focuses on the re-integration of survivors with enduring sustainability,” says Jaye Connolly-LaBelle, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “RippleNami’s enabling technology will advance three essential pillars of this initiative with GFF and its expert affiliates including: 1) the physiological treatment of trauma, 2) the business and financial education, as well as 3) the business development training through mentorship. RippleNami understands the elevated security risks that victims escaping trafficking face and through its data intake and management platforms, it exceeds industry standards by ensuring vital data privacy and security throughout the initiative.”

This program commences on November 2018 in Palermo, Italy, one of the major countries where trafficked women are funneled and originate from Nigeria. Palermo estimates over 11,000 Nigerian women and girls are being victimized by this widespread epidemic, a 600% increase in trafficked victims over the last 3 years, in that region. This initiative will prepare Nigerian survivors to return to their native country and retake their roles in society as victors and heroes in their own right.

“Female victims of human trafficking are usually subject to reprisals and re-trafficking due to outstanding debt to traffickers,” says Oluwatobi “Tobi” Osobukola-Abubu, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of GFF. “They have to deal with physical and emotional trauma while  encountering the associated stigma of trafficking from their own communities. Upon safe return, they are then dislodged from that sense of community necessary for reintegration into society.  Working with RippleNami’s technology and industry partners, we can now connect these victims with the invaluable resources and services needed for a positive and sustained reintegration.”

GFF is an independent, non-profit, non–governmental organization founded by Oluwatobi “Tobi” Osobukola-Abubu. Tobi is well known for her vast experience in multilateral diplomacy, negotiations, business development, trade and other global developmental issues. She is a renowned problem solver with a strong desire to help people achieve their potential. GFF was a direct result of a research project uncovering the plight of human trafficking victims.

Key regional GFF’s partners in this project include B Innovative Enterprises and Blue Monarch who deeply share in GFF’s mission. B Innovative Enterprises was founded by an award-winning executive and strategic planner/facilitator, Sheila Martin-Askew. Blue Monarch Productions is a new, independent film and television production company founded by Damali M. McDowell-Rather & Demetrius D. Rather.

About RippleNami

RippleNami recognizes that people empowered with real-time and easily accessible information around the world can connect and drive unimaginable change. RippleNami is redefining blockchain and mapping with the first visualization platform that consolidates big data and provides information that matters most to its users. This cost-effective, device agnostic, cloud-based platform delivers millions of actionable data points on an intuitive map that enables critical decision making and enhanced collaboration for enterprises, nonprofits, and foreign government agencies. With seamless integration, limitless customization and scalable architecture, RippleNami allows people to chart their world, streamline communications and improve operational effectiveness. For more information about RippleNami, visit

About Golden Faith Foundation

Golden Faith Foundation is an independent, non-profit non-governmental organization (NGO) developed to provide humanitarian assistance through rehabilitation and reintegration of trafficked and other abused victims.  It was founded in 2017 as a proactive response to the high rate of human trafficking and other abuses like rape and child slavery; poverty and inadequate life skills amongst many women and youths in Nigeria. For more information about Golden Faith Foundation, visit