Athena Pinnacle Awards Honors RippleNami® CEO Jaye Connolly-LaBelle

California’s Signature Awards Gala Celebrates Women’s Empowerment on May 3, 2018

San Diego – April 19, 2018 – RippleNami, Inc., a global technology company offering the first blockchain data visualization platform, announces today that its chairman and chief executive officer, Jaye Connolly-LaBelle, is a finalist in Athena’s 20th Anniversary Pinnacle Awards.  This Annual Pinnacle Awards Gala is a staple in California’s technology and life sciences sectors, convening 600+ industry leaders to honor those advancing the careers of women in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields.

In developing nations, girls spend six hours every day, gathering water and vital provisions rather than learning in school or working to support their families. RippleNami understands that by empowering these deserving women and children, the world will experience rapid transformation.  RippleNami’s mission is simple: connect the globe’s unconnected citizens with identifications, resources and services essential to survive and thrive by leveraging their proprietary technology and the mass adoption of mobile phones.

Connolly-LaBelle and Phil Gahn, founder and chief business development officer, share a deeply held conviction and singular cause to drive a societal impact of this magnitude leveraging their global reach and San Diego roots. Their determination to aggressively introduce and deploy RippleNami’s proprietary technology solution into developing countries is poised to change the global landscape in unforeseen ways. First stop: Why not Africa?  Next stop:  Asia bound.

Every year, Athena Pinnacle Awards places the national spotlight on the individuals, corporations and institutions that excel in mentoring, promoting and advancing women working in the STEM fields. Connolly-LaBelle’s 2018 nomination recognizes her as an extraordinary woman committed to helping women through her global vision and technology solution while affirming the significance of RippleNami’s bold mission.


About RippleNami

RippleNami recognizes that people empowered with real-time and easily accessible information around the world can connect and foster unimaginable change. RippleNami is redefining blockchain and mapping with the first blockchain visualization platform that consolidates big data and provides information that matters most to users and organizations. Its cost-effective, device agnostic cloud-based platform delivers millions of real-time actionable data points on an intuitive map to customers across enterprises, nonprofits and foreign government agencies that are enabling critical decision making and enhanced collaboration. With seamless integration, limitless customization and scalable architecture, RippleNami allows people to chart their own world, streamlining communication and improving operational effectiveness. For more information about RippleNami, visit

About Athena

Athena is a professional association dedicated to empowering progress together by advancing women in STEM. Athena’s 500+ member community accesses executive leadership forums, educational and mentoring programs, and targeted networking that empower women to accelerate their careers and perform at their highest levels. Athena members hold positions of senior executive, entrepreneur, educator and manager from across the STEM fields, as well as the associated service providers. Learn more about Athena.