RippleNami Powers Kenya’s First Real-time Livestock Traceability Programme Enabling Trade and Food Safety

Kenya Veterinary Association Chairman Dr. Samuel Kahariri (right) Tags a Cow with a RFID at Jua Kali Centre in Laikipia County

Kenya Veterinary Association partners with RippleNami to capture critical livestock data assets

Nairobi, Kenya – 29, May 2018 – A strategic partnership between Kenya Veterinary Association (KVA) and RippleNami, Inc. with support from the Directorate of Veterinary Services and a local bank, delivered the country’s first real-time, livestock identification and traceability programme, starting in Kenya’s arid and semi-arid counties. RippleNami, a leading provider of a blockchain data visualisation platform, is enabling the identification and tracking of individual cattle and its ownership, real-time mapping of livestock diseases and geo-position, along with capturing critical livestock biodata to its web-enabled database.

The Livestock Identification and Traceability System in Kenya is making use of Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) technology, integrated with RippleNami’s platform. This allows veterinary officers to identify, register and capture the data on animal owners, premises and linking each animal asset from farm to fork. This system aids in disease control and management and curtails illegal livestock movement and the rampant cattle theft in key parts of the country. The system also helps in tracking health records at the point of treatment and monitoring weight gain in targeted animals. A critical advantage of establishing this new marketplace for tagged cattle is that it opens financial and insurance services against these assets. Additionally, this proprietary platform identifies the lineage of each animal and is instrumental in managing breeding programs that improve productivity and are devoid of inbreeding.

Launching this programme addresses long-standing challenges such as disease control and surveillance and traceability, drug residues in animals and animal products, insufficient health and food safety hygiene standards and systems, among others. Through this innovative partnership, livestock producers are capturing essential data on husbandry including feeding, vaccinations, and treatment. These producers are now empowered to access improved markets, insurance services and credit facilities with their livestock enterprises as the collateral, control livestock movement and husbandry management.  With RippleNami’s end-to-end solution, banks are now positioned to offer cattle owners micro-lending privileges and sustained financial support.

In less than 60 days, the first phase of this Livestock Identification and Traceability initiative reached its registration objectives of 40,000 cattle, 702 owners, and 381 premises.

“The power to geographically visualise the registration of individual animals, farms, holdings, premises, and herds now permits us to aid in the enforcement of laws regarding livestock movements, it improves access to local and International markets for livestock and livestock products and improves the efficiency of disease control initiatives. This system is one of the key pre-requisites in the commercialization of Kenya’s livestock sector as it enters international markets,” says Dr. Samuel Kahariri, National Chairman of Kenya Veterinary Association. “This public-private partnership offers powerfully intuitive methods to visualise data and identify patterns that quickly lead to actionable outcomes for us.”

“The East African economy is growing, and its pursuit of advanced technology to combat the unique challenges of doing business in this region is at the core of RippleNami’s mission,” said Jaye Connolly-LaBelle, chairman and chief executive officer of RippleNami. “These new regional partners share in our vision to power social, economic and civic development, beyond imagination.”

“We are thrilled to be selected as the trusted partner by innovators like KVA and Directorate of Veterinary Services” stated Phil Gahn, chief business development officer and founder of RippleNami. “Because the RippleNami real-time data capture and visualization application are completely self-service, any organization can capture, visualize and track sensitive data assets within days of installation. By combining the intuitive visualisation of big data with cloud-based, blockchain technology, emerging economies are leveraging RippleNami’s proprietary technology to map vital geo-assets, generate new economic transactional exchanges while accessing a uniform data platform for their electronic data infrastructure build out.

KVA and RippleNami implemented this initiative in Laikipia County in conjunction with the State Department for Livestock, Laikipia County Government and other stakeholders. Implementation on the next county begins June 2018.

About RippleNami

RippleNami recognizes that people empowered with real-time and easily accessible information around the world can connect and drive unimaginable change. RippleNami is redefining blockchain and mapping with the first visualization platform that consolidates big data and provides information that matters most to its users. This cost-effective, device agnostic, cloud-based platform delivers millions of actionable data points on an intuitive map that enables critical decision making and enhanced collaboration for enterprises, nonprofits, and foreign government agencies. With seamless integration, limitless customization and scalable architecture, RippleNami allows people to chart their own world, streamline communications and improve operational effectiveness. For more information about RippleNami, visit

About Kenya Veterinary Association

The Kenya Veterinary Association (KVA) is a membership organization of Veterinarians and is duly registered under the Societies Act, Cap 108 of the Laws Kenya. Its mandate is primarily to promote the economic development and welfare of its members as well as to safeguard the health and welfare of animals. The Association also acts as a resource Centre for the veterinary profession, providing leadership, advocating for proper management and high level of professionalism in the delivery of veterinary services so as to move the Animal Resource Industry to greater heights of development. As a veterinary profession, the KVA stands high in the push for knowledge, skills and best practices in the service for mankind.

Since the Association’s inception in 1966 and subsequent registration as an Association in 1967, it has expanded in terms of membership as well as diversity, ranging from basic animal welfare to quality assurance of veterinary professional services and overall leadership in the Animal Resource Industry where members are responsible for certification and technical competence. Successive office bearers have volunteered their time and resources to ensure the achievement of the Association’s goals and objectives in areas including research, disease management, in spite of funding and human resource capacity challenges. The association is focused on rallying the membership to provide leadership in the livestock sector towards the achievement of a food secure nation as well as wealth creation among the livestock farming communities. For more information about Kenya Veterinary Association, visit

RippleNami: An African App Changing How We Look at the World

Published:  February 28, 2018 by Staff Contributor of  The Douglas Review……Of all the major developments of the Information Age, data visualization has been one of the most significant. Edward Tufte, a prominent American scholar who has been studying examples of data visualization since they first appeared on cave paintings of the Paleolithic period, has said that science and art have something in common: they both seek to develop strategies of visualization, to show information in smart manners that everyone can understand.

RippleNami, a tech firm that seeks to develop smart blockchain solutions that do not necessarily involve cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, is a firm believer in the empowering effect of data visualization and how it can be leveraged to improve quality of life in developing nations. RippleNami was named as a 2017 finalist of the Annual Innovation Awards for its clever mix of digital mapping, Big Data and blockchain platforms.

With RippleNami, data visualization starts with a map that users can display on their workstations, portable computers or mobile devices. The digital map is a graphical metaphor that just about everyone can understand; from here on, RippleNami users can access real-time information about regions of the world that they are interested in. For users of apps such as Waze and Google Maps, the RippleNami interface will feel very familiar: selecting a point in the map will bring up relevant information, and in the case of Google Maps that information may include commercial districts, traffic, areas under construction, and traffic. With RippleNami, however, the information that can be obtained and visualized is a lot more in-depth.

To a great extent, RippleNami is like the mapping applications in science fiction films where deep space explorers query supercomputers that can inform them about everything they need to learn about an alien planet: atmospheric conditions, geology, civilizations, chemistry, commerce, threats, and other data presented in real-time. An example of how RippleNami works was announced in August 2017, when the Kenya Central Bank Foundation and the Kenya Veterinary Association retained the company to launch a program that will identify and trace livestock conditionsaround the country; the goal is to visualize real-time data to control and prevent livestock disease, and this can be accomplished by means of telemetry sensors as well as animal health reports compiled by veterinarians.

The magic of RippleNami’s data visualization is based on being able to handle Big Data sets within a blockchain, which further enables collaboration between users who can also provide information and improve the overall experience. Although this is an American company, its focus is on Africa because developing nations stand to benefit the most from being able to access actionable insights from mobile devices. Aside from being recognized by, the company has been racking up awards from prestigious business magazines such as Entrepreneur and CEO.

RippleNami’s Jaye Connolly-LaBelle Honored as Business Woman of the Year

San Diego Business Journal Celebrates San Diego’s Annual Woman of the Year

San Diego, CA…December 4, 2017… RippleNami, Inc., a blockchain data visualization solution provider, is recognized for its CEO, Jaye Connolly-LaBelle, chairman and chief executive officer, as San Diego’s Business Woman of the Year. This annual awards ceremony is hosted by the San Diego Business Journal and showcases prominent business leaders making their mark in history while elevating San Diego’s stature in the global business community.

Imagine a world where all the information most important to you rests at your fingertips… a world where vast streams of data are visualized in logical and actionable fashion… and a world where anyone equipped with a mobile phone can access the powerful benefits that RippleNami’s technology is already benefiting countries such as Sierra Leone and Kenya.

RippleNami is marching towards its bold vision of connecting 5 billion unconnected people with an easy-to-use blockchain and data visualization solution that leverages the mass adoption of mobile phones. Connolly-LaBelle and Phil Gahn, founder and chief business development officer, shared a deeply held conviction that driving social impact of this magnitude would be their singular cause with a global reach while leveraging their San Diego roots. Their determination to aggressively introduce and deploy RippleNami’s proprietary technology solution into developing countries is poised to change the global landscape in unforeseen ways. First stop: why not Africa?

“Receiving this distinction from our own backyard is the very essence of what fast-growing global startups like Ripplenami can expect from the San Diego ecosystem. Through our innovative technology, RippleNami is quickly affecting change for women and children in developing countries. We thank the San Diego judges who selected RippleNami and acknowledging our fast track to foster lasting change,” said Jaye Connolly-Labelle, chairman and chief executive officer at RippleNami.

The Annual Business Women of the Year program recognizes business leaders that are making a difference in both their workplaces and communities. Nominees were evaluated based on their innovation, entrepreneurship, professional accomplishment and community leadership.

About RippleNami, Inc.

RippleNami develops and deploys complete blockchain-based solutions to accelerate mass adoption of digital technologies in developing countries. RippleNami solutions drive new standards for cost-effectiveness and scalability, empowering any nation through digital transformation, and swiftly benefitting from its “Smart Country” status. RippleNami’s blockchain data visualization platform integrates diverse data sets from unlimited sources. The platform’s visualization capabilities paint a multi-dimensional picture of all strategic information to promptly identify trends, patterns and gaps to design and inform strategies faster. RippleNami solutions enable emergent economies to generate process, manage, share and transact information on a national scale – opening up a world of opportunities for economic inclusion for its citizens and independence for the nation. For more information about RippleNami, visit

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Each year the San Diego Business Journal recognizes dynamic women business leaders contributing to San Diego’s corporate ecosystem. Now in its 24th year the San Diego Business Journal recognizes these leaders by hosting its biggest and most anticipated reception and awards program honoring the honorees and their guests. Celebrity emcees, a keynote speaker and the awards program are staples of this landmark event. Learn more about the Business Woman of the Year at

RippleNami, Inc. Enters Into Agreement with Linksoft

SAN DIEGO, Calif.  …  November 29, 2016  …  RippleNami, Inc., a provider of a map-based data visualization platform accessed via the cloud, announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Linksoft Integrated Services (East Africa) Limited, a Kenya-based company providing a broad range of integrated services to the telecommunications, oil and gas, power, renewable energy, infrastructure management and technology sectors.

Under the agreement, Linksoft will utilize RippleNami’s mapping solutions to provide integrated technology solutions for their customers.  In this capacity, Linksoft and RippleNami will approach customers with an integrated visualization platform.  “We are extremely honored to be working with Linksoft. This agreement is evidence that our presence and work in Kenya and East Africa is in fact impacting the region. We are confident that by assisting Linksoft with its customers, we will affect significant change throughout the region,” explained Phil Gahn, RippleNami founder and chief business development officer.

“This agreement is a testament to the success of RippleNami’s revolutionary mapping technology as well as the expertise of our Kenya-based team. Their hard work, contacts, perseverance and dedication is paying off as RippleNami continues to strive to truly make a difference by addressing and solving issues critical to that part of the world. We are proud to partner with Linksoft in this regard to stimulate positive change,” said Jaye Connolly-LaBelle, RippleNami president and chief executive officer.

“Our partnership with RippleNami is a step in the right direction as we envision our company as one of the leading technology organizations in the region. This agreement will further strengthen our market position. RippleNami’s mapping solution, which allows for real-time visualization of data, is directly in line with our own technology goal to deliver solutions that solves critical challenges for Linksoft customers. RippleNami’s disruptive mapping technology, coupled with our strategic focus, creates the right synergies for bringing our vision to life. We are excited about working together with RippleNami to make a difference throughout East Africa,” commented John Mukuno, Head-Technology, at Linksoft.


About Linksoft

Linksoft Integrated Services (East Africa) Limited is a Kenyan company committed to the delivery of exemplary project management services in the telecommunications, energy, infrastructure and technology sectors. As one of the growing innovative solutions companies in the region, Linksoft has teamed up with world-class suppliers who bring expertise in consulting, supplying and deploying efficient solutions across different spheres to the company.

 About RippleNami

An industry game changer, RippleNami believes that, empowered with real-time, easily accessible information, people around the world can connect and foster positive change.  RippleNami is redefining mapping with the first visualization platform that consolidates big data and provides information that really matters to users and their organizations.  The Company’s cost-effective, device agnostic cloud-based platform delivers millions of real-time actionable data points on an intuitive map to customers across enterprises, nonprofits and emergency management agencies, enabling critical decision making and enhanced

collaboration.  With seamless integration, limitless customization and scalable architecture, RippleNami lets people chart their own world, streamlining communication and improving operational effectiveness. For more information about RippleNami, visit